Solving business problems through appropriate and cost effective use of technology and application of services is our first priority.  If we accomplish that objective then our second objective is to generate a reference client and associated case study.

The sample case studies featured on this page represent a small cross section of the types of projects we have successfully completed and a small fraction of the body of experience agil-IT-y Principals and Consultants possess garnered over decades on industry experience.

Backed by the resources of The Devine Group we are growing rapidly. agil-IT-y Consulting has the team and capacity to scale and tackle both small and large projects alike with equal dedication to quality results and a clear return on your investment.


Wingut Technology Migration

When The Devine Group needed to migrate an existing web application from a Ruby on Rails and MySQL platform to a Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework and SQL Server 2008 platform they chose agil-IT-y Consulting.

The Devine Group chose agil-IT-y Consulting because of the extensive previous experience possessed by our principals and consultants and the real-time visibility and access we gave them via Team Foundation Server Web Access. We were able to quickly migrate a very complex web application onto the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework. Consolidating all their applications onto the Microsoft Platform will reduce future maintenance and enhancement costs.


Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Implementation When EMI Online Research Studies wanted to upgrade from ACT 2009 they chose agil-IT-y Consulting to help them...

Sitecore CMS

Sitecore CMS Implementation American Laser Centers chose agil-IT-y Consulting to implement the popular Sitecore Web Content Management System.

.NET MVC Framework

Technology Migration The Devine Group selected agil-IT-y Consulting to migrate an existing Rails web application to the ASP.NET MVC Framework to reduce future costs.